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Before Baby's Arrival

Prepare for breasfeeding: attend Antenatal Classes.
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Antenatal Classes

Baby's Arrival - Birth

Skin to skin contact and 1st breastfeed with colostrum in 1st hour.
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Baby's Arrival

Day 3 - 4

Milk comes in. Visit the ABA for more info.
Home visit from midwife. Visit lactation clinic.
Day 3-4

6 Weeks

Sleeping patterns developing. 2nd growth spurt.
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3 Weeks

1st growth spurt. Increase breastfeeding.
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Day 6

Visit/Support from Maternal & Child Health Services.
Day 6

3 - 4 Months

Feeding less and sleeping more. Increased distractability during breastfeeding. 3rd growth spurt.
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6 Months

Starting solids and 1st tooth: latch carefully! 4th growth spurt.
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9 Months

Increased waking at night. Balancing breastfeeding with work.
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1 Year

Congratulations you have breastfed for a year! Learning to walk. Increased comforting back to sleep.
1 Year

Communities Latching onto Breastfeeding

Though this map aims to show a true reflection of breastfeeding in the first twelve months of an infant’s life. All mothers will have different journeys, and changes will happen to the mother and the baby at differing times. The map is not a strict timeline, but rather a guide, to help familiarize yourself with what you can expect along the way. The most important thing to remember is to listen to you and your baby’s needs. Don’t forget, you can ask your support services to tell you more and help clarify anything. Happy breastfeeding!

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What Family & Friends Can Do

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What Mum's Can Do

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What Dad's Can Do

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What Can Be Done in the Workplace

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What Community Can Do

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