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150508AWHLogoThe Health Promotion teams of Northeast Health Wangaratta and Gateway Health have modified the user friendly Pregnancy Journey website to provide local service information for women planning on giving birth in Albury/Wodonga. Watch this space for the new interactive Pregnancy Journey Map for Albury Wodonga.

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Week 4-6

•  Missed period.
•  Home pregnancy test.
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Week 6-8

GP appointment to confirm pregnancy via urine sample. Referral for antenatal blood test and ultrasound.
Pregnancy options discussed and pregnancy counselling available.
Book into Antenatal Care option:
•  Midwife Care Program
•  Specialist Obstetrician
•  GP Shared Care (with Specialist Obstetrician)
•  Obstetric GP Care
•  GP Shared Care (with Obstetric GP)
Optional Downs Syndrome Test
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Week 12

•  Ultrasound to confirm due date – more info.
•  Book into Albury Wodonga Health Women and Children's Services,
Phone: 02 6051 7240.
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Week 16

•  Consider a class from 28 weeks onwards.
•  Consider antenatal classes if interested book in early to attend.
•  Antenatal classes for Young Mums also available.
• Obtain referral from GP for 20 week ultrasound.
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Week 19-20

• Ultrasound to look for any abnormalities also option to find out sex of the baby and where the placenta is lying in the uterus.
• First appointment with Obstetric Provider.
• You may now be feeling some foetal movements.

Week 24

• Visit to GP. Tummy measurement and baby’s heart rate.
• Pathology request from GP for gestational diabetes test.

Week 28

•  Blood test for gestational diabetes and iron levels. Rh D Factor.
•  First of two doses of Anti D given if Rh negative blood group.
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Week 30

OPTIONAL – At this stage of your pregnancy you may start attending:
•  Attend Antenatal Classes.
•  Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) Breastfeeding Education Classes.
•  Tour of the maternity ward.
Antenatal Classesspacer

Week 34

• Second Anti D given if Rh negative blood group.
• If your placenta was low lying at your 20 week ultrasound a repeat ultrasound may be done at this time.

Week 36

•  Group B Streptococcus Test (GBS).
•  FBE Blood group and antibodies.
•  Check foetus is presenting head down, not breech (bottom first).
• If baby is in breech position an ultrasound will be done to confirm and a referral to an obstetrician will be needed.
•  Second appointment with Obstetric Provider.

Week 40-42

•  Third appointment with Obstetric Provider.
•  Arrival of your baby!
•  If your baby hasn’t arrived by weeks 41 to 42 you will need an appointment with your GP or Mid Wife to discuss an induction get more information from Better Health Victoria
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Day 3 After Birth

•  Home visit from midwife.
•  If having breastfeeding difficulty or if you have any questions make an appointment with the Lactation Support Service 02 6051 7240.
Day 6spacer

Day 6 After Birth

•  Home visit from the Maternal and Child Health Nurse.
•  If having breastfeeding difficulty or if you have any questions, make an appointment with the Lactation Support Service 02 6051 7240 or contact the Parent and Baby Unit
• You may also like to visit the Hume Health Breastfeeding Journey Map.
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Week 32

If you have any questions on your labour or on breastfeeding, now may be a good time to discuss with your midwife or GP.

Week 37

Obtain GBS Swab (From week 36) results.

Week 38

Hang in there you are on the home stretch!

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