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Week 4-6

Missed period. Home pregnancy test.
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Week 6-8

GP appointment to confirm pregnancy via urine test. Referral for blood test and ultrasound. Contact Community Midwife Program (CMP) if choosing this option.
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Week 12

Ultrasound to confirm due date – more info.
Optional Down Syndrome Test – more info.
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Week 16

Book into antenatal clinic (shared care) if using this service.
Consider antenatal classes if interested book in early to attend.
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Week 19-20

Ultrasound to look for any abnormalities also option to find out gender.

Week 24

Visit to GP. Tummy Measurement and baby’s heart rate.

Week 28

Blood test for gestational diabetes. Rh D Factor. First of two doses of Anti D given if Rh negative blood group
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Week 34

Second Anti D given if Rh negative blood group .

Week 36

Group B Streptococcus Test (GBS). Check fetus is presenting head down, not breech (bottom first)

Week 40-42

Antenatal visits.
Arrival of your baby!Baby is bornspacer

Day 4 After Birth

Home visit from midwife. Appointment with lactation clinic.
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Day 6 After Birth

Home visit from maternal and child health nurse.
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