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Must Have Products on Your Hygiene Kit

We may take for granted our access to hygiene products because we think we will always have access to it but we need to be prepared if in case we would not be able to get these products that we need for personal use. Preparing hygiene kits and stashing them in places like our car or office desk drawer would give us peace of mind that during emergencies, we have a stash we could use to clean ourselves.

It is easy to determine the products that we must include in our hygiene kit because this is what we use on a daily basis. Hygiene kits would differ from people to people but there are five products that every hygiene kits must have.


In keeping ourselves clean, soap is one of the basics. We use it to keep our hands, face and body clean. But there is limitation to how we could use soap to clean ourselves; it needs water to be effective. When you start fixing your hygiene kit, don’t forget to include hand sanitizers, alcohol or wet wipes for easy clean up when you don’t have water to use your soap.


There are people who does not sweat as much as other people and could forego not using deodorant. If you are one of those people, you might think that you would not need to put deodorant in your hygiene kit. But you might be suddenly invited to spend the day doing some rigorous physical activity that you would find yourself sweating.

Any embarrassing situation could be avoided if you have a deodorant in your stash you could swipe, roll or spray in your underarms before you go engage in any activity. If you are still confused or indecisive about the products that you must put in your hygiene kit, try buying your hygiene kit from a store that sells one stop hygiene products.

Toothpaste and toothbrush

Similar to soap, you need water to brush your teeth with toothpaste and toothbrush. So, it is also recommended that you include a small bottle of mouthwash in your hygiene kit so if you would not have access to water, you could just use mouthwash instead. But as soon as you have access to clean water, brush your teeth since you could not replace brushing your teeth with just gargling with mouthwash.

Toilet paper or facial tissue

Even if you always have a handkerchief or a face towel with you all the time, toilet paper and or facial tissue are still must have products in your hygiene kit for obvious reasons. You need to wipe your hands when you spill something on them and if you use your handkerchief, you might just spoil them and you could not just discard it after you dirtied them unlike toilet paper. Of course, toilet paper is also essential after you use the washroom and there are no TP provided.

This might be common sense for everyone but it is still better that we are reminded of this. We should always be prepared to avoid any embarrassing emergencies.