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Different Types of Power Racks

Power racks or frames are a must to move substantial weights.

Not only would they enable you to stock barbells and load and unload your weights, they give you safety against lift failure and injury. And furthermore, they are extremely flexible. There are a number of exercises that you can do with a rack, but are not limited to: Bench press, Heavy row, Deadlift, Shoulder press, Back squat, and Front squat.

Sounds nice, doesn't it? It's—until you step into the fitness centre and see a number of different styles of power racks, and you're not confident which one to use!

Don't worry, this isn't too overwhelming.

Types of power racks

Which power rack is the right one for you? It all tends to depend on what you'd like to attack during your training session.

Most individuals should keep to using a full power rack (or enclosure) for most of the major exercises including squats. However, other forms have benefits and unique uses that you should be aware of.

Here are the 4 main types of power racks and what each one can do.

Full power rack

You're typically best acquainted with the full power rack at the club.

It's obvious with its two main poles, four vertical bars across the barbell, and safety barriers. It is an incredibly common type of strength training machine as it allows you to do a range of free weight barbell movements, including bench presses and squats.

The primary advantage of a complete power rack is how it avoids damage in the event of a weight slipping and dropping. So, you don't need anyone with you who can help if you normally go to the gym by yourself. And with the metal body that you'll find from the most reputable brands, you can be assured that the rack is made to last and won't give in any time soon.

Half racks

As the names imply, half racks have just two vertical bars opposed to the four that you get with a full rack.

Many models also come with safety rails to catch the barbell in the case that it falls. Full racks take more space than a half rack gym therefore tend to have more of these.

Squat stand

Squat stands are perfect for squatting!

The frame holds and helps the barbell when you get in a posture to squat throughout your weightlifting. The unit consists of two straight metal bars on either side of you. You can change the height so that the barbell is exactly where you would like it to be.

Squat rack

The distinction between a squat rack and a squat stand boils down to how much space each one requires.

Stands tend to be shorter and lack the necessary safety barrier. In the meantime, the squat racks are identical to half racks. They are made up of two upright iron bars that allow you to start picking up the barbell to perform squats with confidence.

Most squat racks come with safety arms or bars, while others do not.

These are 4 main types of power racks available in the gym. Pick the machine depending on your experience and movement necessities.