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What Are Chakras? Why You Need to Know About Them?

You might have heard of the word “chakra” before (or not). But the word intrigued you and now you are interested to know more. The word “chakra” is wheel in Sanskrit and called as such because the centre of energy is comparable to a spinning wheel to provide energy to our body’s nerve bundles and major organs.

The list below enumerates frequently asked questions about chakras and for you to have a better understanding on why you need to know about them.

Why do we need to unblock our chakras?

Chakras are the centres of energy of our body. When these centres are open and unblocked, energy could freely flow from them instigating a holistic healing and harmony between our mind, spirit and body.

Where are these chakras located?

We have seven chakras in our body, and they are located in the base of our spine, lower abdomen, upper abdomen, centre of chest, throat, forehead and top of our head.

How do you unblock chakras?

Unblocking chakras differ and there are no definite and specific ways you could do to unblock chakras. This is the reason why people go to practitioners and specialists for chakras healing in Melbourne since they don’t know where to start. When you go for a visit, you could expect to be asked to meditate, exercise, undergo sound therapy and to go outside and immerse in nature.

How does the chakras affect my daily life?

The chakra that is located in the base of our spine or the “Muladhara” affects our survival instincts and how we deal with financial issues. The chakra in our lower abdomen or the “Swadhistana” controls our sexuality well-being and pleasure. While the chakra in our upper abdomen or the “Manipura” is for our self-worth and self-esteem.

The “Anahata” or the chakra in the center of our chest is for love, joy and inner peace. How we communicate and express ourselves is controlled by the “Vishuddha” or the chakra in our throat. The “Ajna” or the third-eye chakra located in our forehead is for intuition and imagination while the crown chakra or the “Sahasrara” in the top of our head is for spiritual connection. All these chakras affect our daily life since it encompasses not only our physical body but also our spirit and mind.

What does mantras have to do with chakras?

Mantras or positive affirmations help with our chakras because these positive statements would help in healing parts of our mind and spirit that are broken. For example, you have a problem with your “Anahata” or heart chakra because you feel like you are not loveable.

If you keep on repeating to yourself positive affirmations that you are worthy to be loved, you would find inner peace that the person meant to love you is already on the way to meet you and for now, you just need to concentrate into loving yourself and preparing to meet them in the near future.

You might not be able to unblock your chakras at one go. But just be patient and strive to continue improving and working on yourself.