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Things You Need to Know Before Taking Kava

Kava is a popular drink in the Pacific Islands. It is commonly taken there as a ceremonial tea. However, these days it is becoming more popular because of the wonderful effects it has on the body. Aside from promoting relaxation, it also helps relieve stress and anxiety, perfect to take after a long hectic day.

No everyone knows about this amazing health supplement and in some areas, the use of kava is still banned. If you’re lucky that kava is legalized in your country or state, never let that privilege go to waste and try out any kava supplement that you like to experience the benefits it has to your health and body. Here are some of the different ways to take kava.

Kava Tea

It is the traditional way of taking kava. Ground kava roots are added with water and kneaded to get all the goodness of kava into one drink. Since kava doesn’t naturally taste that good, you could add other ingredients such as milk, honey, or other additives to improve its taste and make it more enjoyable to drink.

Kava Concentrate and Tincture

Kava tincture is a concentrated version unlike regular kava tea. It is in liquid form and should be taken in little amounts because of its potency even in just a few drops. You could choose to take it as it is or simply mix it into your favourite drink to mask the unpleasant flavour it has. When buying kava tinctures, be sure to check the label first to know the concentration and have an idea on how much to take.

Kava Powder

If you want to enjoy the goodness of kava tea yet don’t have much time to knead and extract the drink, you could try taking kava powder instead. It’s as easy as preparing an instant drink – simply mix the right amount of micronized kava into a glass of warm water or your favourite drink and mix well to enjoy a relaxing drink instantly.

Kava Capsules

For people who really can’t take the unpleasant flavour of kava yet don’t want to miss the health benefits it offers, kava capsules are the perfect way to take it. There’s no need to prepare or mix anything. All you need to do is pop a capsule, take it with water and you’re all done.

Tips When Taking Kava

If it’s your first time taking any kava supplement, you might be confused on what to do and how to take it properly. First, start taking kava with a low dose especially if it’s your first time. This helps you identify the right dose that your body needs before the effects kick in.

After drinking kava, give it about 30 minutes for the effects to take action. If it doesn’t have much effect, you could take another drink and wait again to see if it has an effect or until your desired reaction is achieved.

Kava is a wonderful health supplement that should never be missed out especially if you’re looking for relief in a natural way.