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4 Signs Indicating You Need Remedial Massage

After a long day of being active or even just being in front of your computer there is nothing more satisfying that having a good massage? You can almost immediately feel the tension, pain and tightens leaving your body.

However, the kind of massages that are for enjoyment or just simple overall pain relief are known as deep tissue massages. This is when pressure is applied to the entire body helping relieve tension and pain.However, a remedial massage is when it is applied to one part of the body for a specific purpose.

This could be due to damage, pain and even rehabilitation of muscles after injury. It is a more advanced form of massage therapy and involves specialist and professionals. However there maybe signs your body has been telling you that you may have ignored. If you are in constant pain and discomfort here are some indications you need a remedial massage.

Back pain

A lot of discomfort and pain can come from back-related issues. Bad sleeping positions, unbalanced shoes, lots of walking and even spinal cord injuries and deformities can all cause back pain.

When connecting back pain and remedial massages the first step is to identify where exactly the pain starts from and whether it is only in that area. At times it can only be due to a few knots but often can even lead up to serious issues if left unattended. In a remedial massage the focus will be given to that specific area of the spine in order to relieve pain.

Tension in the body

There are many things that cause us to tense our bodies. Mental or work stress, back posture and muscular spasms are quite normal. However, they find ways to interrupt our daily functions.

For tension headaches or frozen neck and shoulders a remedial massage is ideal as it focuses on the affected parts of the body. If you constantly feel pain and discomfort in these areas there are plenty of medical institutions that provide remedial massage in Sydney if you live in the city.

Repeated motion disorder

As much as exercising is not only good for you but also provides you with a lot of health benefits, it is important to do it safely and under the proper guidance. Sports related injuries and pain are quite common amongst those who exercise a certain part of their body regularly.

Tennis players experience tennis elbows and athletes might have knee or ankle sprains, remedial massages focus on unknotting and easing out the tension in the places that are regularly affected by the sport.

Anxiety and depression

If you did not already know massages could be ways in which people cope with anxiety and depression. Remedial massages have proven to be effective as it can help ease stress from the body where it builds up. It is also used to calm and relax the body and concentrate on certain pain points. However, this too is advised under the guidance of a doctor.