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Sports Physiotherapy: Feel better, move better, be better

What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports Physiotherapy is centred on treatment for sports injuries and all levels of exercise. Whether you are running a race, playing football, climbing Mount Everest, or hiking,Sports Physiotherapy can help you feel free from pain and get back to full function.

Unlike day-to-day injuries, sports injuries could be more serious and the risk of getting hurt is way higher. The most likely places to get hurtin your body are joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and can make them prone to injury.

What does Sports Physiotherapist do? And how do they do it?

A sports physiotherapist promotes safe physical activity and helps fixate an individual's development and performance. It has been said, "The goal of sports physiotherapists is to get their clients out of pain asap but also performing at their very best." The most common role of the sports physiotherapist is supporting athletes during competitions or games. They provide treatment interventions related to specific injuries. Recent studies have put out that Sports Physiotherapists play a much larger role, as they are also supporting uninjured athletes with follow-up visits and check-ups. The usual assumption of a sports physio is that the sessions are only focused on maintaining physical function, but they also focus on aiding in recovery as well.Many go to sports physio geelong to get the support and help they need.

Physiotherapy Techniques & Treatments

•  Advice promotes advice on how to prevent future injuries.

• Exercise to improve your core stability with techniques and practices for treating musculoskeletal conditions and other injuries from sports

• Massage therapy is a widely used technique, all around the world, for speedy recovery after months/weeks of exercise. Also used to help mentally prepare athletes for sports activities again.

• Electrotherapy is a more recent energy-based physiotherapy technique. What happens in this treatment is, electrical stimulation is provided by attaching electrodes to the skin. Theelectrodes then cause the muscle to shorten, which helps prevent atrophy. Mainly used for patients with paralysis or severely reduced range of motion.

• Soft Tissue Mobilization is a therapeutic massage used to help relax a patient's muscles and reduce swelling in certain areas. It also helps with lymph and blood flow. In addition, it reduces swelling in the inflamed joints. This treatment is excellent in relieving pain in athletic injuries.

 A lot of people have found Physiotherapy helpful after occurring injuries and having the help and guidance from their Sports Physiotherapists.On another note, with the ongoing pandemic, some physiologists do online sessions so their patients can stay fit, even with the safety of their homes.

In conclusion, general physiologists help you achieve your day-to-day targets while sports physiotherapists focus on getting you better so you can participate in sports you enjoy the most. I hope all the information in this article was beneficial to you and helped answer your questions, by granting you knowledge on Sports Physiotherapy.