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Simple Ways to De-Stress After a Tiring Day

Stress is an inevitable part of our day, while stress is quite normal and necessary even there is a strict limit to how much a person can take before it takes a toll on them. The reasons behind stress are many from demanding job, hectic home situation, pending decisions and even something as small as constant travel. With lockdowns lifted and people having to go back to work commuting has once again become something we all dread. When you are stressed, your entire body will let you know.

Mentally you cease to function, your brain cannot handle any more tasks and may even lag do small things. Your body will be sore, tired and aching and above all you might crave just wanting to be in bed with a blanket over your head. However, stress is something that needs to be managed, no one has the privilege to live a complete stress-free life so it is up to us to find ways to counter it. Here are some simple ways to de-stress after a tiring day.

Meeting someone you can relax with

If you are in a job that demands talking to clients or even people the entire day then the last thing you want to be doing after work is more talking. However, this is not what we mean. If you are lucky enough to come home or even meet someone who boosts your mood then you are already winning.

Whether it be a family member, significant other, friend or a random stranger who can hold up a good conversation then go for it. Talking things that are not related to your work will almost immediately lift your mood and make you feel better. Although on the contrary if you need a venting session go for that.

Sip something hot or cold

The power of a beverage is totally undermined. After work your go-to beverage might consist of a few ice cubes and strong spirits. But if you are looking for something low key and sober a fruit tea is ideal. Either cold or hot an ice tea can really lift your mood and de stress your body. There are recommended flavours such as lavender and mint that are well known de stress teas you can try.


Weirdly enough being in a crouched position such as hunched over your laptop or computer is a huge reason for a stress. This tightens your muscles contracting movement so that neck or back pain you are having is probably because of it. Once you are done for the day try to stretch your body as much as possible.

This eases the tension and can help you feel less tired. Stay away from your screens during this time and try to focus on what is happening around you. The change that your eyes see will almost immediately be registered to your brain making you feel energized and less tired as screen time is a huge contributor to stress.